It’s hip to be square, part 2.

Posted on April 19, 2017

The fabulous, generous, and always civic-minded Juan Alonso-Rodriguez is planning a benefit for others for his own birthday. And I have a top-secret piece in it.

He and my other pal Paul D. McKee (of Project 106 and Method Gallery) are hosting a fundraising event benefiting the ACLU, Lambda Legal, & Planned Parenthood. For a tax-deductible $100 donation to one of these three fine organizations, attendees get to pick 1 of 100 original paintings to take home.

They have supplied 100 local artists (including yours truly) with 6” x 6” pieces of Masonite and asked us to create an original work on it. All works are signed on the back so guests are choosing the work and not the artist by name. Many of us will be purposely trying to throw people off, or simply taking the opportunity to try something different.

They will have iPads and laptops set up at the entrances to each space, ready to accept donations to one of these three organizations online. (Checks are also accepted.) After you donate, you get a receipt which you take into Juan Alonso Studio or to Method Gallery around the corner and select an original work of art to take home.

The reception (21 & over) will be Friday, April 28, 5-8 pm. $100 minimum donation required at the door guarantees you get to select an original artwork to take home.

Juan Alonso Studio – 306 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104

2nd Chance – all ages
Saturday, April 29, 11 am. – 3 pm. – $5 donation requested at the door
Donate a minimum of $100 and you get to take an original artwork home.

On Saturday, Juan Alonso Studio will also donate 25% of sales of original works by Juan Alonso-Rodriguez to whichever one of the three organizations you choose.

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Cece n’est pas my piece. These are some collages I did as warm-ups. My actual piece is totally top-secret.

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