“Richlovsky’s combination of abstraction and figuration involves a series of conscious choices that influence both the form and the content of the work. They create not only the visual impact of the image but also the underlying cultural critique…

“Jane Richlovsky’s work is rich in complex interactions. The patterned fabric, the images painted on the fabric, and the content of the painted images work together to create both a visual statement and cultural commentary. The strength of Richlovsky’s work lies in the combination of intellectual content, technical expertise, and a generous dose of humor.”
Mary Lane, FiberArts, November/December 2005

“With their almost cinematic focus upon loaded symbolic objects in middle-class, mid-century suburban settings — a pink cake, an orange mound of jello, a woman’s large, foreshortened hand with bright red nail-polish – these paintings are remarkable for their muteness and suppressed emotion…

“Richlovsky’s decorative splendor here is not unlike that of Van Eyck and other Northern Renaissance painters.”
Jim Demetre, Artdish, April 26, 2006

“One finds a true gem in Jane Richlovsky. Richlovsky paint on found textiles, incorporating them beautifully into the content of each piece, using them as the patterns for women’s dresses, rugs and tablecloths. The found textiles are wrapped entirely around the side of the canvas, and without this hint, one may take longer to notice that the dresses, rugs and tablecloths are, in fact, not painted at all.”

Lynne Venert, The DCist, July 18, 2007

“Richlovsky’s work reminds us that not all was as it seemed in the “good ol’ days”.. the flatness of the patterns meet the Norman Rockwellish technicolor scenes of life we remember from movies, yet there is a cynical and almost sinister undercurrent to some of the paintings.”

Lesley Frenz, The Artsy Forager, January 2013



KING 5 New Day Northwest: You Are Here Too (the map show)

KNKX Radio: Monica Spain interviews me about Placiness, a show I curated, along with Gabriel Campanario, one of the other artists in the show.


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“American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell at TAM”  Artdish, March 2011.
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“The Geography of Disappearing Places”, catalogue essay for Mona Lang’s Mexico City exhibition, “Landscape, Myth, & Memory”